Yokohama NADAMAN Hinkan

Yokohama:Kanagawa Takashimaya Yokohama Store 8F

Guide to the Interior

   ・当日キャンセル 全額
   ・前日キャンセル 半額


8名(最大4〜8名) テーブル席

You can spend the time of the private including the meeting of families with important seats such as meeting of the new members or the betrothal present and small child relaxedly.
It is with space of the relaxation that a soft color and the roundness of the ceiling that I made use of the warmth of the tree in do not let you feel a feeling of pressure.

料理:9,900円~ 平日昼のみ 6,930円~
室料:昼 3,300円、夜 5,500円