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The 10th floor "SO" has been rebranded to " Best Place for Selected WAGYU BEEF/ SAKE/WINE, 'SO' ".
Pre-opening period: February 1, 2024
Grand opening: March 1, 2024
Alongside "Hakata Wagyu," this space will offer a selection of carefully curated beverages such as Japanese sake and wine.

You can soak the lively atmosphere of Hakata's streets at lunch time, and relax elegantly while savoring "Hakata Wagyu" and "selected beverages" with a view of Hakata's night scenery at dinner time. We invite you to join us with your loved ones, friends, or special companions.
FPG links NAKASU 9F/10F, 2-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,
Fukuoka, 810-0801 Japan
Opening hours
9th floor 11:30~14:00 (L.O.13:30), 17:30~22:00 (Kaiseki L.O.20:00)
10th floor 11:30~14:00 (L.O.13:30), 17:30~23:00 (A la carte L.O.21:00、Drink L.O.22:00)

Our chef

Continue to challenge new things every day without forgetting the original intentions and strive to create the restaurant customers will say they want to come back again.

Chief Chef
木下 寛和
Hirokazu Kinoshita

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture


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