“KAKYU”~Matsutake mushroom and Pike conger~

Nadaman restaurants offer each chef’s original course and a la carte menu under the themes of "Matsutake mushrooms" a premium autumn ingredient, and "Pike conger eel" a summer delicacy.
Please take this limited opportunity and enjoy the seasonal taste at Nadaman restaurants.

Title:”KAKYU”~Matsutake mushroom and Pike conger~
Menu:Course and A la carte using Matsutake mushroom and Pike conger
※Menu is different depends on the restaurant.
Term:August 1st (Tue)- September 15th(Fri)
Restaurants:All Nadaman restaurants
(Unavailable branch: Main branch “Sazankaso”, Kojimachi Nadaman, Shangri-La Tokyo, Hakone Nadaman Garden) 
▼Lunch and Dinner
Kioi Nadaman, Nadaman Takanawa Prime, Shinjuku Nadaman Hinkan, Nihonbashi Nadaman, Yokohama Nadaman, Yokohama Nadaman Hinkan, Nakanoshima Nadaman, Osaka Nadaman,
Nagoya Nadaman, Umeda Nadaman Saryo, Kobe Nadaman, Hiroshima Ndaman, Nadaman Sokyu,
Sapporo Nadaman Garden, Sapporo Nadaman Saryo

▼Dinner time only
Tokyo Nadaman, Shinjuku Nadaman, Applause, Meieki Nadaman Saryo, Sendai Nadaman
*Reservation requires at Shinjuku Nadaman and Meieki Nadaman Saryo for lunch time

▼Only a la carte is available
Akasaka ZIPANGU(Dinner time only)

※Nagoya Nadaman:Start from 1st September(Temporary Closed: 1st July – 31st August)
※Kobe Nadaman:Start from 5th August(Temporary Closed 3rd and 4th August)

Price:Depends on the restaurant.

*Above price includes 10% consumption tax.
*Service charge will be added.
*Total amount may be different depends on each restaurant service charge policy.
*Kindly inform staffs if you have food allergy or any dietary restriction.
*Menu may change due to market supply condition.
※Photos are for illustrative purposes only.