Kioi-cho:Tokyo Hotel New Otani (Japanese Garden)

Guide to the Interior


For 6-20 persons Japanese Room (Horigotatsu)

A quiet and peaceful atmosphere is created by a luminous ceiling shrouded by subtle sunlight filtering through the sheer Japanese paper, Japanese sliding doors woven in gold and silver threads, and pendent eaves protruding towards the garden.


For 4-8 persons Private Room

Simple floor matching a curved line hollow and a ceiling used one piece of cedar wood. Attraction of this room is “very Japanese style”.


For 2-4 persons Private Room

From your curved floor seat, you can enjoy views of the garden from the window in front of you. This room has an image of an annex.


For 4-6 persons Private Room

The light filtering in from the ceiling and the Japanese sliding doors, coupled by the view of the bamboo forest reflects modern Japan. Also ideal for use as a tea room.