Recommended Drink「KWEICHOW MOUTAI」

NADAMAN has started to sell "MOUTAI," a popular white liquor with a huge brand power in China, at some of our restaurants. It is recommended for business scene and festive occasions. Please check the details below. 
●Item:MOUTAI 500ml/Bottle 
Moutai is a traditional specialty product produced only in Chiaotai Township, Guizhou Province. Along with Scotch whisky and French cognac brandy, it is one of the world's three major distilled liquors, and is often used in official diplomatic functions such as hosting state guests. It is described as "aromatic, delicate, elegant, rich and deep, with flavors that stay on the tongue."  
●Price:JPY110,000(Inc. tax)*Service charge will be added. 
Tokyo Nadaman, Kioi Nadaman, Nadaman Takanawa Prime, Shinjuku Nadaman,  
Yokohama Nadaman, Osaka Nadaman, Nakanoshima Nadaman, Nagoya Nadaman,  
Sapporo Nadaman Garden 
*Service charge may be different depends on each restaurant service charge policy. 
*Some restaurants do not handle this item. Please contact the restaurant for more details. 
*Items are limited due to market supply condition.