Recommended Drink「DASSAI Sparkling Water DEX」

Dassai Sparkling Water DEX 獺祭汽泡水/獺祭炭酸水 DASSAI Sparkling Water DEX born from Dassai's fermentation technology.
Sake's fermentation is a complex process that brings forth a variety of beneficial substances
to humans. " Dassai Exosome" is one such substance, discovered during Dassai's fermentation process. DASSAI Sparkling Water DEX is a non-alcoholic carbonated water focusing on such "Dassai exosomes.
The aroma of Dassai and gentle carbonation makes it smooth on the palate.
It is a non-alcoholic carbonated water that is different from typical strong carbonated water!
●Item:DASSAI Sparkling Water DEX 250ml/Bottle
●Price:JPY770(Inc. tax)*Service charge will be added.
●Restaurants:All Nadaman Restaurants
*Service charge may be different depends on each restaurant service charge policy.
*Some restaurants do not handle this item. Please contact the restaurant for more details.
*Items are limited due to market supply condition.