Nadaman Official Menu “CHIAYU”

Nadaman Restaurants offer 5 kinds of “CHIAYU” (Young sweet fish) menu created by Nadaman Executive chef from June 1st- 30th. Please take this opportunity and enjoy the special taste at Nadaman restaurants.

●Title: Nadaman Official Menu “CHIAYU”
●Term:June 1st (Thu) ‐ 30th (Fri), 2023
●Restaurant:All Nadaman restaurants
( Unavailable branch : Main branch “Sazankaso”, Kojimachi Nadaman, Shangri-La Tokyo, Hakone Nadaman Garden)

<Menu:5 kinds of “CHIAYU” menu>

▲Salt-grilled Chiayu fish
Price:JPY 2,750

▲Chiayu fish and summer vegetables with lightly cooked eggs
Price:JPY 3,080

▲Chiayu fish with grated Japanese white radish sauce
Price:JPY 3,080

▲Rice with Shuto-pickled Chiayu fish cooked in a clay pot
Price:JPY 3,080
*Photo is an image for 2~3 persons.

▲Deep-fried Chiayu fish and Chiayu fish tempura cake with Inaniwa udon noodles
Price:JPY 2,750
*Photo is an image for 2 persons.

*Above prices include 10% consumption tax.
*Service charge will be added.
*Total amount may be different depends on each restaurant service charge policy.
*Kindly inform staffs if you have food allergy or any dietary restriction.
*Some items are limited due to market supply condition.
*Menu may change due to market supply condition
※Photos are for illustrative purposes only.